Tips for Learning

Be prepared to stop the video, rewind and practise anything you need to. You may find very early on in a video an exercise you can’t do and so you will need to play these and become more familiar with them before moving on.

Depending on your ability and experience, getting to grips with something may take you anywhere between a few minutes and a few days to play. Don’t be discouraged – learning an instrument can be hard work, and many of the skills needed will take practice.

Try not to get frustrated if you make mistakes. With a combination of dedication and patience you will make progress and gain guitar skills!

As a guide you should try and play everyday for at least 20 minutes. Short and regular practice sessions are more productive than a long session once a week. Remember to practise things you’re not good at and you will begin to improve.

General Tips

  • Always practise slowly to start. Work on any detail and remember the points highlighted in the video. 
  • Focus on each hand individually if needed. 
  • Listen to the commentary, watch the video and use the pdf tabs to follow what happens in the lessons.
  • Practice new skills in small sections – try not to watch the video all the way through without playing. 
  • Try and always play with a steady rhythm. 
  • Don’t play easy sections quickly, and then difficult sections slowly. Try and play at an even steady pace, as slow as you need to. 
  • Many of the exercises allow you to mix and match ideas so you can become creative and develop as your own player.
  • Practise along with a metronome or drum machine wherever possible.