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Bar chords

Get to grips with bar chords and learn them the correct way from the start. Learn all the sharp, flat, major and minor chords you'll ever need! You should know how to play open E and A chords before trying to learn bar chords.
These videos show you:
Playing a first finger bar.
Vital tips on left hand position, and dampening techniques that will makes it easier to learn.
'E shape' bar chords
How to find 'root notes' which will help know what chord you are playing as you move the bar chord up and down the neck.
'A shape' bar chords with alternate fingerings.
Root notes are along the A string so you can work out chord names easily
Tips on how to change between bar chords.
Common changes and examples shown, and how not to get mixed up with root notes, and major and minors
Sharp and flat root notes.