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How to play with a capo

If you can't play an E flat or a G# minor chord then you can use a capo - but how do you work out where to put the capo? This video shows you how and why people use a capo, a bit of theory, where to put the capo, and how to name the chords you're actually playing.
  • How to play open shapes with the capo.
  • Changing key with a simple example.
  • Some Theory (!)
  • Sharp and flat notes, and the chromatic scale - this will let you work out what chords you are actually playing when you put the capo on.
  • 'Root Notes' (the first or lowest note in a chord or scale), so you can name the chord you're playing.
  • Examples of how to name chords you're playing, using open shapes.
  • Playing chords together, working out the root notes and the name of the chords.
  • Naming 8 open chords in any position with the capo on.
  • Where to put the capo for a typical song using 4 common chords: B flat, E flat, G minor and F