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Intro to the blues

Everything you need to get started playing blues guitar.
  • Learn three bluesy sounding '7th' chords, a pentatonic scale, rhythm and lead parts
  • Learn an E minor pentatonic scale, and shows how to play with good technique, which fingers to use, and tips on actually how to practice.
  • How to get started with improvising.
  • The 3 steps are: Finding your rhythm; Playing in phrases and Repetition
  • An example solo (using the scale shown earlier)
  • Each bar is shown step by step, and then a few bars at a time with a drum beat.
  • Tips on how to practice the solo. You can use these ideas to help learn any new music. Start slowly, and learn small sections.
  • Close up fingerings of bluesy 7th chords, strumming patterns in detail and how to put the chords together.
  • Tips on strumming, keeping a rhythm, changing chords and basic techniques for the right hand