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Strumming & rhythm for beginners

Learn how to strum and keep a solid rhythm - aimed at beginner and novice guitarists, this video uses just two open chords and focuses on your right hand strumming in time.
Split into 7 easy to follow parts, these videos will show you:
Basics of good strumming
Learn starting with the most simple rhythms that anyone can play
How to keep a beat, and playing with a drum machine or metronome
When to strum down and when to strum up - something that is not really understood by novices, but is vital to get you strumming well
Simple notation that will help you understand, read and more importantly get you playing your chords with good timing
How to change chords and still keep a rhythm
Off beat rhythms - learning when not to strum is just as important
Accented rhythms on the 2nd and 4th beats - shows you patterns that mimic or complement a drum beat
How to practise, change chords without losing a beat and apply the techniques to any other chords